About us / Team

Our TEAM is currently composed of:
Ares Pagnamenta (FINMA 11391)
Managing Director, business analyst, case manager for claims supervision
Tarcisio Gottardi (FINMA 20891)
Professional consultant and business analyst
Angelo Pagnamenta (FINMA 14290)
Professional Consultant
Carmela Meninno (FINMA 32182)
Assistant to the corporate customer, management of business policies and claims, responsible for assessments and business insurance analysis
Gabriele Boselli (FINMA 28467)
Assistant to corporate clients, management of business policies and claims & Lloyd's account manager
Aronne Pagnamenta (50%)
Back Office Assistant for private clients
Laura Pagnamenta (40%)
Back Office Assistant for private clients and administrative management
Deborah Pianarosa (100%)
back office assistant for private clients and administrative management

We also signed a collaboration agreement with ABC Brokers Group, insurance brokerage company, respectively with Mr. Arnaldo Bernardi (FINMA 15495) and Mr. Alessandro Corti (FINMA 15479) of, guaranteeing them administrative support and enabling them to exploit our network of collaborations with Swiss insurance companies, whith which we have agreed with, as well as with Lloyd's of London.

I contacted ares insurance services for advice and support as part of my professional and personal life and pension insurance. As an independent lawyer the aspects related to all risks in the event of death, illness and injury, as well as the provision annuity for my pension is something I care a lot. Ares is giving me valuable support, competent and independent. What has changed for me? I saw my situation from a different point of view. I am very happy with the solutions he proposes and I thank him a lot! I advise everyone to sit down with Ares to check their own life and pension situation