About us / Corporate social responsability

Our policy on social responsibility and good corporate citizenship

We believe that the principles of corporate social responsibility and good corporate citizenship are the key to our success. We focus on four key areas: customer and market, labor, environment and community.
Client and market

We aim to be the trusted advisor in all our areas of specialization. We comply with the Swiss Supervisory Authority in the financial sector (FINMA ). Employees and managers of ares INSURANCE SERVICES, are required to perform each task with due skill, care and diligence.
Ares Pagnamenta manage the business and ensures that the correct proper corporate governance is respected, so that, as in a winning team, it always works in the interest of the client and operates within the framework of corporate governance.

Ares and his team are really unbeatable !!! The preparation and competence are the main characteristics of Ares Insurance. Competent and fast collaborators support Ares, the number one insurer! They always try to please their clients and they do their best in order to provide the right coverage, according to the client's needs. Absolutely to recommend to anyone !!!


Environment and workplace

All of our employees (back office, consultants and managers) are the basis of the value of our organization. We are committed to treating everyone with fairness, respect and integrity and to provide a safe and healthy work environment. ares INSURANCE SERVICES also offers a comprehensive package of benefits, with the purpose to attract, retain and motivate high caliber people.


The key to our future success will also depend of our attention in this particular field. We take our responsibilities with attention to the community, such as health and prosperity of the local community. Thanks to that we can get a beneficial effect on our business. We support charitable projects and initiatives for the benefit of the community.